How is COVID-19 affecting Oxygen Bars at Special Events?

The COVID-19 pandemic that we are currently experiencing in North America and worldwide has had a profound effect on the Recreational Oxygen industry and this has been no more apparent than how it relates to the Special Events, Hospitality and Entertainment industries. This is the setting where Oxygen bars thrive! Oxygen bars are a part of many Conventions, Trade shows, Corporate parties and Exhibitions where you can gather and mingle with other people that share a common interest or purpose. While attending one of these events, you and a friend may luck out and come across an activation station such as an Oxygen bar where you can pull up a chair and enjoy a rejuvenating oxygen session. Unfortunately, all large gatherings are on hold for now but I am very optimistic that those of us in this industry will emerge and thrive again as we once did! I also think that things are going to look quite a bit different as we adapt to our new environment.

We have learned so much about the Coronavirus in recent months and are still on a steep learning curve about how it affects us, how it spreads, how to treat and how to mitigate and reduce the risk of transmission. We now need take this new knowledge to create a safe environment as we emerge out of the abyss of isolation and transition back to our accustomed lifestyles of doing the activities we enjoy and have all dearly missed... but we have to do it strategically! We need to rethink how we can provide our services in the safest way possible. That’s why I have carefully studied and monitored Health Authority regulations, utilized my knowledge and experience with cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting to develop a new ‘Covid-19 Safety Plan’ and Oxygen Bar Operational Procedures. This will help us prepare and be ready to safely provide our Oxygen Bar services when the Special Event Industry gets back on track and we can all meet, network and celebrate in larger groups again.

There is one thing I can guarantee to be reliable and consistent...that things are going to change! They always do so we will have to continue listening to our regional and national health authorities to keep abreast of recommendations and policy changes as restrictions ease or increase with changing environments. These changes will have to reflect in our Safety Plan and Operating procedures so that we can keep ours and our customer’s safety the number one priority. This is the only way that we will be able to return to and flourish at the Conventions and Special Events that we all remember and love to attend.

To see what I have composed for our current Safety Plan and Operating Procedures, click on this link to view our latest 2 nd Wind Covid-19 Safety Plan.