2nd Wind 5L Personal Oxygen Bar


This is the highest quality Personal oxygen bar at a very attractive price point. Now you can enjoy the true professional oxygen bar experience at home or in your Spa! Reduce stress, calm your mind and recharge your energy with a boost of 93% purified oxygen. Before or after your workout, before or after a night on the town, your unlimited supply of purified oxygen is always on standby and ready to help with headaches, jet lag, altitude recovery or just getting your 2nd wind. Each 2nd Wind 5L Personal Oxygen Bar package comes with a single Oxy-aroma Humidifier bottle and a selection of 40 fragrances like eucalyptus, lemongrass or spearmint to choose from.


  • Concentrates and purifies ambient air safely. No oxygen tanks.
  • Smooth rolling castors and side grip handles for agile mobility.
  • Low Equipment maintenance and operating costs.
  • Requires no medical license to operate
  • Runs on 110 AC voltage.
  • Very quiet operation

Dimensions 49 cm x 27 cm x 56 cm. – 22 kg.

This All Inclusive Package comes with:

  • One 2nd Wind 5L Oxygen inhalation system with Oxy/Aroma infusion bottle.
  • 1 spare Oxy/Aroma infusion bottle.
  • 1 spare air filter kit.
  • 1 Connection kit for one or two people.
  • 40 Assorted color Sani-Sealed nose hoses.
  • 1 Oxygen safe aromas (10 refills each). Maintenance guide and schedule.
  • 2 year Manufactures warranty.