The Recreational Oxygen Association of North America (ROANA) exists to establish the growing value of recreational oxygen for active, health-and-wellness minded people – in North America and beyond.

ROANA’s influence is navigated by five main goals:  1) providing consumer education, 2) conducting market research and analysis, 3) defining standards and best practices, 4) uniting industry leaders, and 5) collaborating with policy makers to enhance the presence of recreational oxygen in North America.

The mission and vision of ROANA is executed by a dedicated, diverse Board of Directors – comprised of both consumers and professionals. Some board members share a vested interest in the category of recreational oxygen, and some are simply interested in contributing as a pioneer in this health-and-wellness category.

ROANA depends on people and businesses passionate about the recreational oxygen industry to become a member in order to achieve its goals. If you or your organization is interested in joining, please complete the membership form or contact ROANA to request more information on becoming a member.

For more information on ROANA, please visit their website at