Custom  Oxygen Bars

Something Special

You are looking at the most versatile portable bar system in the industry!

Our 2nd Wind Tradewind and Network bar systems are all constructed in Canada using strong, weatherproof Marine Plastic with Microshield® technology.

Our bars are built to withstand the punishment of the outdoor environment, refusing to warp, fade or rust but the stylish design and finish will compliment any elegant décor.

What is Microshield® Technology?

Microshield® uses an anti-microbial agent that bonds to the marine plastic at an atomic level throughout every cell of the material which kills 99.5% of all germs on contact! This germ killing agent will not leach out, meaning that it retains its effectiveness throughout the entire life of the product and does not harm the environment. Microshield® kills bacteria, algae and fungi on contact which will eliminate the opportunity for adaptive or resistant strains to form.

2nd Wind Tradewind and Network bars are easy to clean, disinfect and keep hygienic by using mild cleaning solutions and standard cleaning procedures. Constant use of cleaning solutions will not affect the Microshield® bacteria killing qualities bonded into the material.

Oxygen bar relaxing
Oxygen Bar 355WEB

Easily Assembled in Minutes

Our 2nd Wind bars can join together in any combination of a straight or curved section to form the size and shape of bar to fit your needs. Each section can be easily assembled in minutes with an Allen key and disassembled to fit into a trade show case. This style of bar can fit into most hatchback cars, eliminating the need for a van or trailer to transport. Each trade show case can hold up to 3 sections. Below are some examples of the versatility you can have with your portable modular 2nd Wind bar system but if you have any ideas for layouts, we will be happy to work with you to design and build your own custom bar!

For more images, visit Our Gallery.

Tradewind ​Bar

Our 2nd Wind Tradewind bar is the most economical 4 seater bar. It is a single 40” straight section with a folding oversize counter top.

This bar will seat 4 people comfortably.

Price – $1,395.00.


​Light Weight Tradewind Bar Case

With a heavy duty handle and nimble wheels, this Trade show case makes for easy transport of a Tradewind Bar.

Dimensions 42” L x 30” h x 5’ w

Price - $295


​Build Your Own Bar Network Bar

Below are the basic building blocks for the Network bar with dimensions. All configurations below are possible with these modules.

Single Bar: $1,195

Oxygen bar single side
Oxygen Bar single Rear

Single Bar: $1,195

Oxygen Bar Corner
Oxygen bar corner-rear2

Three section Corner Bar: $3,495

Oxygen bar 3 sections corner

Four Section Corner Bar: $4,495

Oxygen bar 4 sections corner

Five Section Corner bar: $5,495

Oxygen Bar 5 sections corner


Five Section U-Bar: $5,495

Oxygen bar 5 sections-u-shape

Six Section U-Bar: $6,4​95

Oxygen Bar 6-sections-u-shape

Seven Section U-Bar: $7,395

Oxygen bar 7-sections-u-shape

Eight Section U-Bar: $8,3​95

Oxygen bar 8-sections-u-shape

LED Lighting Package

Add the WOW FACTOR with our optional recessed multicolor LED lighting package. Includes:

Power supply and programmable remote control to change color patterns – $195.00.

Add LED lighting to each additional straight or curved section – $110.00 each.

Include a heavy duty Network Case for $695.00.

Holds up to 3 Network sections or 2 Tradewind Bars. Ask us about custom branding your bar! Include your logo or custom artwork to the front of the bar panel.

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