Make Your Next Edmonton Event Extra Special!

Portable Oxygen Bar Rental Services in Edmonton

Trade Shows

Looking to add a little something extra to your booth at the next Edmonton Home & Interior Design Show? How about giving your skiers and snowboarders something unique to try when you set up your booth at the Edmonton Ski & Snowboard Show? Whatever the trade show, we can be there to help you attract guests and potential customers. With an oxygen bar, you can offer your guests a unique experience that is enjoyable, entertaining, and therapeutic. People love to try products and services that are complimentary, and at a trade show where the attendees are often exploring new products and services, a complimentary session at an oxygen bar is sure to draw them to your booth.

We set up and operate the oxygen bar at your booth, so you are free to network and engage with your new potential customers.

In Edmonton, these are just a few examples of the venues where we can set up an oxygen bar for your guests:

  • Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • Shaw Conference Centre
  • Oasis Edmonton Conference Centre
  • Mayfield Inn & Suites Trade Centre
  • Art Gallery of Alberta
  • The Citadel Theatre
  • Grant MacEwan University
  • University of Alberta Conference Centre

Corporate Headquarters

For the office, we have our two-station Oasis Spa Cart, which is an entire oxygen bar within one mobile unit. This unit can easily be moved from room to room, so you can take it from the staff room to the boardroom, and even to an office cubical. Your employees can have an oxygen session at their desk or in the staff room, and they will feel more refreshed, energized, and productive throughout the day.


If you are a realtor that lists high-end properties, this is a unique service that you can offer your clients while they are viewing and considering a property. Your client can sit down to a refreshing oxygen session and take in the ambiance of the room while you discuss any thoughts or questions they may have about the space. When the showing is over, they will have a lasting memory of the experience they had at your listing. Contact us for a special offer!

Sporting Events

Our oxygen bars are made of 100% marine board plastic, which makes them very resilient and weatherproof. We can set them up anywhere indoors or outdoors, so we can easily be on the sidelines of your next sports game, ready to provide oxygen to the hard-working athletes. Whether it’s to help them get their 2nd wind between games or to recover after playing hard, an oxygen bar can give your athletes that all natural boost for better performance and speedier recovery.

Dry Grads

These graduation parties usually start at midnight and go all night until daybreak. With an oxygen bar set up at your dry grad party, you and every graduate can thrive on the energy that an oxygen session gives you and party all night! This is a great, healthy alternative to energy drinks. The energizing effect of oxygen is one of the reasons why oxygen bars are so popular in Las Vegas.

Special Events

From small private parties to corporate conventions, 2nd Wind Oxygen Bars can help make your next special event fun and memorable for your guests. Give them the interactive experience of a rejuvenating oxygen session and they will definitely leave with something to talk about. Our contemporary design and attractive presentation will be the center of fun and excitement at your event!


Two families, lots of friends, and many more loved ones. How can you encourage so many people, many who may not know each other, to meet, mingle, and enjoy themselves together? Bring in an oxygen bar! It’s a great hub for people to sit and take in a revitalizing oxygen session while chatting casually with each other.


Our portable two-station Oasis Spa Cart is the perfect mobile oxygen bar for hotel guests to use in the privacy of their room. By adding on an oxygen session as a service available to your guests via room service, you can offer them a refreshing treatment to help alleviate their jet lag or exhaustion from traveling. This is a very beneficial service for your guests and a great source of revenue for your hotel.

We have done four events for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, a well-respected luxury hotel group.

In Edmonton, these are just a few examples of the hotels where we can set up an oxygen bar for your guests:

  • The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald
  • The Sutton Place Hotel Edmonton
  • Mayfield Inn Edmonton Hotel
  • Radisson Edmonton South Hotel