Aromas: The Power of Scent

Imagine the inviting smell of vanilla in a warm cup of tea, the soothing quality of a lavender-scented bath, or the refreshing feeling of applying a lime-scented body lotion.  Scents are very powerful in how they affect our bodies and our energies, and we all have our preferences for the types of scents that we like and wish to have around us.

Scents can be intentionally used to create a certain effect on the body, and this is exactly the aim of aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural essence extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.  The inhaled aroma from these “essential” aromas is widely believed to stimulate brain function.

At 2nd Wind Oxygen Bars, many of our aromas contain the same properties as their essential oil counterparts, so our customers can experience the same benefits of those scents.

All of our aromas are oxygen safe water-based essences that are derived from natural sources.

Please note that our oxy/aroma delivery stations are solely meant to be used with our water based aromas and are not designed to be used with essential oils.  Using essential oils with these stations would void the warranty and possibly damage the equipment.

The Therapeutic Qualities of Our Aromas

We have a selection of 40 different aromas that our customers can choose from.

Some of these are composed of scents that are used as essential oils, and so our customers can enjoy their beneficial effects. The aromas that are not considered aromatherapy fragrances are food and beverage grade aromas approved by the FDA and Food Extract Manufacturing Association.

Our Healing Aromas

Allure : This aroma consists of jasmine, which is known to improve  one’s mood and ease anxiety.

Bliss: This aroma consists of ginger and bergamot.  Ginger is often used for digestive problems and nausea.  It is also great for treating colds and flu.  Bergamot has refreshing, stimulating, and uplifting properties that are welcome when we feel fatigued, stressed, or anxious.

Chillin’: This aroma consists of eucalyptus.  Eucalyptus helps to balance emotions and reduce tensions.  It also helps to combat the effects of colds and the flu.

Citrus Zing: This aroma consists of orange and peppermint.  In its essential oil form, this orange scent is called sweet orange and it helps one to relax and sleep better.  It can also subside anger and frustration.  Peppermint clears the mind and refreshes the spirit.  It is excellent for mental fatigue, nausea, emotional shock, and grief.

Cloud Lime: This aroma consists of lime.  Lime is refreshing and uplifting to a tired mind.  It is also considered an immune system stimulant.

Purity: This aroma consists of lemongrass.  Lemongrass refreshes the skin and helps to restore tired, exhausted nerves.  It is great for relieving stress or anxiety.

Some of our other aromas with healing effects include:

Calming (lavender and tangerine)

Lavender Lemongrass

Relax (juniper berry)

Serenity (lavender and balsam fir needle)

Tranquility (chamomile and vanilla)

Uplifting (peppermint and wintergreen)

Zen (rosemary and mint)

Our Single Note and Blended Aromas

We have a large selection of single note aromas as well as blended aromas.  Our blended aromas have been developed especially for use with our oxygen bars, so you can choose from an array of fun and stimulating scents.

Single Note Aromas

Appletini (green apple)
Cherry Blossom
Cotton Blossom
Fresh (cranberry)
Freesia (delicate and exotic floral)
Fuzzy Navel (peach)
The Grove (mandarin orange)
Invigorating (mountain berry)
Kiss Me All Over (wild cherry)
Mango Madness
Peppermint Stick
Revitalizing (bayberry)
Strawberry Fields
Timber (balsam fir needle)
Vanilla Bean

Blended Aromas

Blackberry Vanilla
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Coconut Limon
Lavender Lemongrass
Ocean Mist (lotus and exotic woods)
Pina Colada
Sex on the Beach (tropical fruits)
Shower With Me
Sugar Cookie

The Choice is Yours!

At our 2nd Wind oxygen bars, you can enhance the already beneficial effects of oxygen therapy with your choice of all these aromas that we offer.  Do you want to experience a more calming oxygen session?  Choose a scent with lavender or orange.  How about a pick-me-up?  Try our Bliss or Cloud Lime aromas.  If you want to experience an oxygen session without any scent, you can choose our Pure aroma, which has no scent.

We aim to make your oxygen experience as fun and personalized as possible, and our selection of aromas (and the option to blend them together while inhaling them with the oxygen) has been created to give you lots of choice.  If you have any questions about our aromas or their use with our oxygen bars, please feel free to contact us.